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Community Partnerships

Kids Kamp/Challenge Week

Mountain View Prevention Services has participated in Kids Kamp and Challenge Week held each year at South Lewis Central School (SLCS). These week long programs are held each summer and are based on the Kids Who Win, Nine Winning Practices a curriculum developed by Robert Newberry, Elementary School psychologist in the SLCS district.

Kids Kamp is open to children in 5th grade.

Challenge Week is open to students in 8th grade.

Kids Kamp and Challenge week are programs where children learn the importance of dreams and aspirations. Every child has the capacity to achieve his or her dreams and goals in spite of the challenges we each confront along the way. Kids Kamp and Challenge Weeks are the building blocks for many in making their own dreams come true. Mountain View Prevention Services is proud to support this program.

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SuperStage is a summer program that presents an opportunity for children to be introduced to the theater experience. For several years, MVPS has partnered with BRCS, LACS and SLCS by providing 2 interns to assist the school directors with their respective productions. MVPS has received funding to hire these 2 interns through the Pratt Northam Foundations’ Summer Workership Program.  

Children participating in SuperStage learn about auditioning, acting, designing stage sets and props, and making costumes.  The program runs for six weeks culminating with the show date.  Participants experience first hand all that is involved in producing a theatrical play.   

This is an experience where cooperation and creativity take place, self –esteem and friendships develop.  

In 2009, six performances took place with each performance hosting an audience of 150 – 200 people.  In addition to the Pratt Northam Foundation grant for the interns, the Stewart’s Holiday Match Program has made an annual contribution towards supplies. The children involved in SuperStage also take part in the Lewis County Fair parade.



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